October Halloween Movies 2

Yesterday I watched The Wicker Tree. I have been meaning to watch that film for a long time. I love the original Wicker Man created by Robin Hardy. It is just the right amount of creepy and the pay off at the end is really well executed and unexpected the first time you see it. I try to rewatch The Wicker Man at least once a year. Christopher Lee stands out as Lord SummerIsle.

The Wicker Tree was supposed to be a companion piece exploring the same themes. I was not disappointed but that is because I had heard that it was not a very good film. Now after watching it, I would not say it is terrible is just isn’t that good. There is no one to like in this movie. The villagers are awful and so are the victims.  If you like the first film you might want to watch this out of curiosity, that is fine I just would not pay for it. It can usually be found streaming somewhere.

Today I watched an old favorite Nightmares in Red White and Blue. You can watch it on Youtube for free. If you like history and horror you will love this documentary. It covers horror from its first days in America until just a few years ago. It is full of good interviews and commentary about America’s long love for the horror genre. 5 out of 5 stars for this one!

I’m still not sure what I will watch over the next couple days. I might try to fit in something animated. 🙂



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